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Parallel Lines

PDC 2022 workshop
Expanding Learning in Participatory Design

ONLINE : 22 aug 9.00-13.0o CET
HYBRID at Place Nordic : 26 sep 14.00-17.00 CET
Two half days online and hybrid

About the workshop

Two half days to accomodate participants from different time zones
Interactive format using online collboration tools

This workshop explores learning in Participatory Design (PD). We invite the PD community to reflect on the multiple ways learning can strengthen and expand  how we frame and drive participatory design to reflect on ways in which we can expand learning in PD to gain an understanding for the complex system we are all part of, for the interdependence of social, ecological and economic systems. Through this workshop, we will invite participants to address questions such as: What theories and concepts can be used to understand learning in PD? What kind of approaches are used to foster learning in PD? How is learning evaluated in PD? The workshop will bring together members of the PD community interested in these questions, and serve as the basis for developing ongoing and new collaborations around the topic of learning in PD. 


The workshop will be held online and engage participants in mapping theories, approaches and evaluation methods using online collaboration platforms to document workshop outcomes and spur reflection among participants. To accomodate participants from different places the workshop will run twi on August 22 9.00.00-13.00 CET and September 26 22 14.00-17.00 CET.

The Conference


Subscribe to the workshop by sending an email to specifying if you will be joining in person or remote. Deadline 16th of September. 


Anna Seravalli - Malmö University
Oswald Devisch - Hasselt Univerity
Seppe De Blust - ETH Zürich
Carl DiSalvo - Georgia Tech
Majken Toftager Larsen - Roskilde University
Christian Dindler - Aarhus Univeristy

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